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Loblaw Manager
Training Program

The store managers a major grocery chain had some issues. From being inundated with communications, to keeping up with minding their business, taking care of their customers, engaging their colleagues, executing programs, and lending a hand to round up carts in the parking lot or accept a delivery, their days were full. On top of that, the company wanted them to spend more time with customers and colleagues on the store floor. Wanting a solution that would help managers allot their time appropriately, without feeling over-burdened and without it being another 'to do' on an already full list. We wanted managers to feel understood, knowing they go through a lot and often times it can be very challenging. Letting them know we understood would go a long way to opening the door to meaningful dialogue about how all of us can effect positive changes as we move forward, and to propose a new and better way to schedule their time.

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