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Manager's Summit

The annual week-long training program invites 500 participants from across Canada to participate in a series of educational exercises and motivational talks. With different activities taking place over the course of the week at the venue, logistics were paramount to keeping the separate events on track. Custom brand compliant staging with supporting collateral materials were developed, summit facilities and activities were sourced, and travel and hotel accommodations were coordinated. To avoid confusion during registration, Myriad recommended a database system utilizing existing employee numbers to populate custom schedules for each individual in attendance. We also provided simple yet effective solutions to streamline group activities and meet the requirement that each group be diverse in make-up on the fly. Aside from keeping multiple training sessions running concurrently throughout the week, a themed gala evening complete with entertainment was organized to cap off five days of hard work. Logistics were rocked with precision, training was had, and feedback was positive across the board.

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