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Online Advertising

Tasked with providing the creative direction and production for this big player in the hospitality industry’s online advertising, Myriad delivered in spades. Executing within the existing brand standards for all of their associated properties, we developed a modern, minimal series of banners and digital advertisements that highlighted the family-centric messaging used across all elements. Tasteful hits of brand-specific colour called out simple verbage to catch the consumers eye, and was paired with warm, inviting imagery intended to take the viewer on a trip to their perfect family getaway. Comfort, affordability, and no-nonsense approach to customer service were all themes that needed to be evident in the ads. The lack of clutter and clear focus on the messaging made for an elegant creative solution synonymous with the brand’s simple yet sophisticated family-first reputation. Ads appeared on major social media platforms such as Facebook to maximize the potential reach of the campaign. Additionally, a unique tracking system was placed in the back-end that could identify the source for bookings and which sites they were referred from. This was used to test the performance of the third party media; these tracking tags pulled results from third party websites that targeted very specific demographics including sites geared to 50+ travellers, families with young children, and gay and lesbian users.

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