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National Managers' Meeting

What do you get when you take the 50th anniversary of a colossal fast food brand, add managers, franchise owners, and Home Office reps, and throw in sand, sea and fun? Myriad thought it would be a good time to find out! Harvey’s decided to incorporate their annual National Manager’s Meeting into a 50th Anniversary celebration, so we held the meeting at a place suitable for such an occasion: the exciting Atlantis resort in Nassau, Bahamas. In typical work hard/play hard fashion, we loaded the meeting days with interesting content-rich business sessions and motivational speeches by key industry speakers. To balance out the work, sponsored leisure activities such as sailing, snorkeling and a dolphin encounter were offered. There were also evening activities, such as a white glove plated award ceremony featuring traditional local entertainment. Additionally, we developed a fun spousal program for those who invited their better halves along. In the end, we were able to successfully amalgamate the meeting and anniversary components, as well as ensuring that spouses were entertained and everyone had a great time. Despite actual attendance being higher than budgeted, we managed significant cost savings through negotiation and hands-on production management.

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