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Vendor Showcase

In what is definitely one of our most delicious yearly projects to date, our client sought us out to organize an annual showcase for their preselected food industry vendors, who were invited to introduce highlights of their offerings and ideas to the brand teams. Participation by the selected vendors is the prime opportunity to present innovative or themed menu offerings to key brand team members with the ultimate goal of having their items added in the near future to restaurant menu selections. This event has, in the past, left something to be desired with regard to format and feedback. We took the reins from our client, who was anticipating change while maintaining the quality and prestige of the venue used in the past. We researched more suitable venues, chose one that we thought would be conducive to the changes that were needed, and reformatted many of the details of the showcase.  The multiple changes resulted in an amazing turnaround and exceptionally positive feedback, which saw approval ratings by vendors and the client between 90-100%.

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