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Websites today are as universal as business cards. They're an always-on, 24 hour salesman, with more than enough information for prospective clients. They should present well and encourage contact. MYRIAD Creative makes sites that do all of these, using any appropriate technology to make it happen.

Microsites are a laser-focused effort at creating interest and sales on a very specific topic. They're effectiveness lies in their absolute dedication to one subject. There are no distractions - this means there aren't alot of links to and from the outside world, or a multitude of pages within the site itself. Simple.

Brochure Sites
A Brochure Site may be all that you want - a website that gets across information you've already published, and that's all. MYRIAD Creative can make these websites quickly and cost-effectively - but we'll always build in the ability to expand, should you want to, in the future.

Content Managed Sites
Content Management Systems (CMS) can be built into a website to give you the ability to update it, anytme you want. Let MYRIAD Creative install an easy to use back-end into your website, that allows you to update the important content areas of your site, as often as you want!

Contest Sites
MYRIAD can make a contest site for you that handles hundreds or thousands of people and their multiple secure entries - all with an accessible back-end that lets you analyze their information anytime you want. Keep accurate track of your contestants and interact with them, right up to the end.

Website Maintenance
Call MYRIAD Creative when you need to make changes to an already operational website, or require periodic updating. We will quickly examine your site, and make the changes on a schedule that suits you - just sit back and let us do the work.


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