Myriad Creative Inc.
MYRIAD Group of Companies
Myriad Creative Myriad Creative Inc. provides high-quality creative design and production graphics, including video and
web-based collaterals.
Myriad Marketing Myriad Marketing Inc., the earliest division provides general marketing fulfillment services, including but not limited to Event Management, Direct Mail, Product Launches, Media Relations, etc. to the client integrating the creative offerings.
Myriad Insight Myriad Insight Inc. is the newest division. It is a more strategic service focusing on ROI potential offered by the marketing function.

MYRIAD - About Vision

Our vision is to provide strategic design solutions that improve your business performance. We provide the solid design that backs up your company, influences your clients and ultimately improves your bottom line.

We specialize in the creation, design and implementation of printed material, online communications, and large format graphics. We are focused on the results of our creative strategies, because the result of our designs and their use are more important than the design itself. Designing for effect comes first.

Because of our close ties with MYRIAD Marketing, we encourage our clients to plan an integrated approach to their needs whenever a design solution is made. How we can best assist the delivery of your design is always on our minds too.



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