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Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) is one of the most talked about and least implemented strategies today. But a solid CIM program can convert prospects into customers, increase revenues, and build brand loyalty.

MYRIAD Ingenuity™ is the final conversion mechanism in our Closed Loop Marketing approach. And at its core is CIM. How does it work? We integrate traditional marketing tactics with new technology. Together, customer relationships can be tracked, managed, and inspired until conversion.

Specifically, our CIM software engine makes it possible to create relevant, targeted offers. Right at the precise moment in the decision cycle your prospect is most likely to buy. Then the cycle begins again - nurturing the relationship, adding value, and boosting profits.

With MYRIAD Ingenuity™ we can:

  • consolidate sales, product and customer data
  • integrate telemarketing and Sales force initiatives
  • provide functions for advanced analysis such as dynamic multi-dimensional grading and static ranking
  • create a workflow navigator to develop automatic marketing, reporting and analysis processes
  • use a workflow planning system to plan and execute campaigns
  • provide a single view of all customer activity, including personalized customer profiles
  • offer a powerful query tool, instantly addressing ROI mandates

MYRIAD Ingenuity™. It's not just business. It's personal.

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