Geomatics™ delivers innovative mapping solutions to you using the Internet. It provides powerful tools to visualize your customer data, improve the allocation of resources and better serve your customers.

What is Business Demographics?

From car companies to technological companies – our commercial client base using the Myriad Ingenuity™ is expanding as map for marketing and business planning are becoming an analytical tool.

Learn the Who and Where of your Business

Do you know what types of people live close to your business? Are they “Young Urban Professionals” highly mobile, well-educated and in high status white collar occupations, or “Aging Intellectuals” older, well-educated singles and couples with small mortgages living in single-detached homes . This is the kind of question that we will be able to help you answer.

Did you know.....?
  • 75% of corporate data is geographic
  • Reduce decision making time by 52%
  • Reduce error rate by 40

Our technology can help you optimize your store location or improve the profitability of existing locations of your store. We will integrate your customer data other demographic variables. Such as:

  • Population density
  • Average income
  • Education levels
  • Consumer spending
  • Locations of retail competitors

Save time and money! Maps are an analytical tool, which you can use to expand your business. Whether you are looking for new store locations, or marketing to target audiences - a map will provide you with an abundance of information. 

What is Commercial Mapping?

Consumers conduct themselves in patterns on our landscape. Using demographic data such as population density, average income, age, sex and marital status, you can see people patterns on a map.

Inbound Phone Call Analysis

There is no set time in collecting data on your customer base. A large amount of information can be analyzed from a simple phone call.

All inbound calls to your store are recorded by our Inbound Call Analysis. It also creates a chart displaying the disparity of calls by hour or by day. Need more? What about a map displaying where all the phone calls come from! It is a quick and cost-effective service providing you with new insight and knowledge about your customers.

Premiere Opening or a Sales Event?

Don’t forget to inform your potential customers! You can notify the people in your contact list and deliver the message, through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This will save your staff from dialing thousands of numbers when they could be doing what they do best – selling!

Creating a Contact List

Don’t have a contact list yet? No worries! You can get started with White Page listing. It can obtain the phone number and addressing of the residents who live in the store surroundings (unlisted and unpublished phone numbers will be excluded).


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