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Closed Loop Marketing approach :
Communication is the path to loyalty

The new economy requires us to think differently - to anticipate, react to, and exploit business opportunities at lightning speed. You can't afford to leave marketing successes to chance. And that's why MYRIAD has developed and evolved a powerful customer-centric solution for the digital age. It's our Closed Loop Marketing approach, and its strength is predicting and fulfilling customer needs while accurately measuring the ROI of marketing investment and quantifying the effect marketing efforts have on sales.

The Closed Loop Marketing approach measures the results of marketing and communication initiatives by tracking the response of targeted groups. The results of responses, such as completed surveys, promotional entries, coupon redemptions and purchase behavior, are added to a database for tracking and evaluation to improve future marketing decisions. Marketing campaigns can then continuously adapt to the customers' wants and needs, creating a true relationship. Simply put: It allows marketers to develop, and monitor highly targeted strategic campaigns based on a wide variety of customer histories and behaviors.

MYRIAD's Closed Loop Marketing approach covers all of your organization's audience touch points with the marketplace, ensuring complete consistency and reinforcement of the brand message and activity.

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