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Outside Looking In

We're passionate about relationships. All relationships. The ones between us and our clients. And especially the ones between our clients and their customers.

It comes down to our passion for the Closed Loop Marketing. And how it affects everything we do creatively and strategically. It touches design. Video. Events. Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) strategies. And Direct.

That's why we never do the same thing twice. Every client requires unique, fresh thinking. So it's a good thing there is an amazing group of people here who never tire of wanting to do great work.

We have a great time, too. Because we instill a sense of excitement in everything we do. Which makes it a great place to do business. And to work. What can we say? We're creative. Driven. Results-oriented. And totally obsessed. But in a good way. That's the inside scoop.

Everyone at MYRIAD has a similar bent. Yet each of us brings unique experience and diverse talents to the table.

Here is our core team. You'll soon get the idea.

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