Weldon Tracey &
Noreen Bramhill - Tracey

Fund Raising Artwork Sale

Weldon Tracey
Noreen Bramhill-Tracey

The Lake of Bays Marine Museum and Navigation Society is pleased to announce a partnership with one of Canada's most accomplished wood carvers, Weldon Tracey. Weldon is very excited about the Bigwin Steamboat project and has agreed to create some very special and limited edition carvings in aid of this project. A significant portion of the price of this art will be used towards the Bigwin Steamboat project. If successful the program could raise $125,000 for the Museum.

Weldon left Toronto in 1980 to set up his studio at Long Line Lake near Dorset. Here he pursued his dream to carve wildlife as he saw them in the wild. Noted nature photographer, Dan Gibson, once commented "Weldon Tracey skillfully blends the sensitivity of the artist with the scientifically detailed accuracy of the Ornithologist". CBC produced a documentary for the program "This Land" which featured Weldon in "A Portrait of a Wood Carver". Weldon has won over 30 ribbons in competitions here and in the United States including firsts at the World Carving Championships in Maryland and the Canadian National Exhibition.

Weldon's main carving will be of the Bigwin Steamer (circa 1933). This will be a 12" replica wall mounted on a 16" plank salvaged from the original hull. This limited edition carving will be individually hand carved, and an inscribed brass plaque is attached to the plank.

One of Weldon's trademarks is the loon. He has created "The Bigwin Loon" for this project, in two sizes. The large loon is 11" and smaller loom 6". These hand carved loons are individually mounted on a salvaged plank from the old steamboat. Again, these items are a limited edition and feature an inscribed brass plaque.The uniqueness of these carving coupled with Weldon's reputation will ensure that they appreciate in value over time.

Joining Weldon in this fundraising endeavour is his wife, Noreen Bramhill-Tracey. Noreen produces artwork referred to as LathArt. Painted lathe inlays, pieced together in a 3-dimensional form, comprise her unique paintings that are fast becoming her trademark. The Bigwin Steamboat crossing from the Bigwin Inn to Norway Point, showing the Bigwin Inn on the horizon, is the subject of this limited edition LathArt. It measures 31"x 19", is self framed and bears a brass plaque with inscription

Noreen has also used lathing to produce a wall hung picture frame (17.5"x14.5") in which is framed a photograph (circa 1933) of the Bigwin steamboat crossing Lake of Bays. A brass plaque is also attached.

The Bigwin Steamboat Carving




$202.50 $1,552.50


by Weldon Tracey


The Bigwin Loon

$350.00 $52.50 $402.50






$75.00 $575.00 $28.00
by Weldon Tracey

Lath Art Painting of Bigwin

$1,250.00 $187.50 $1,437.50 $50.00

by Noreen Bramhill - Tracey

Framed Photograph of the Bigwin Ferry, circa 1933

$90.00 $13.50 $103.50 $40.00


All the above items are being made expressly for the Bigwin Steamboat Restoration Project and WILL NEVER AGAIN BE REPEATED. They are all signed, numbered, limited edition pieces and will add a wonderful historic touch to Muskoka cottage interiors. Please send your email order to Jeff Gabura, jgabura@cogeco.ca, or Eric Rumi at erumi@zarpac.com. Please provide quantity of each item and a credit card with expiry date. We take both VISA and MasterCard. Included with this information we will need your delivery address and telephone

If you wish to avoid the shipping and handling charge, items can be picked up at Weldon's "Wildwood Gallery" located in front of his home off Highway 117 between Baysville and Dorset-1026 Long Line Lake Road. Please call first at 705 766-2779. Shipping outside Ontario will require an individual quotation.

   Follow the progress of the restoration here at: www.BigwinSteamboat.com
   Brought to you by the Lake of Bays Marine Museum & Navigation Society.