July 5, 2003 Celebrations

The day was a complete success with a great turnout of spectators for the Antique Boat Parade and all of the festivities.

Here are a few photos of the Antique Boat Parade

(some participants may be missing)


Historic Lake of Bays Steamboat, the Bigwin, celebrates 2nd Annual Restoration Fundraising Event

The Friends of the Bigwin and the Lake of Bays Navigation Historical Society are hosting an event to celebrate the 2nd annual Dorset Wooden Boat Parade festivities, in support of the restoration of the Bigwin Steamboat. This event takes place in Dorset on July 5, 2003, and will include live music and fun for all ages. Free for everyone. The afternoon's festivities will conclude with the Wooden Boat Parade featuring a float-by display of historical and antique wooden boats from the Lake of Bays area.

The Lake of Bays Navigation Historical Society is restoring the Bigwin Steamboat. The 2nd annual event will help raise funds for the historical restoration initiative, to return the Bigwin to its original 1910 condition. Visitors to Dorset will be able to follow the progress of the restoration onsite at the Dorset Pier, or on this site www.BigwinSteamboat.com

When the restoration is completed and the Bigwin floats again, visitors to the area will be able to re-live a time in the early 1900's when the world's elite traveled and experienced the beauty of the Lake of Bays aboard majestic wooden steamships. The Bigwin is the last of the original fleet of these steam ferryboats. This restoration project will return a precious part of our long lost heritage to the residents and visitors to Lake of Bays.



Follow the progress of the restoration here at: www.BigwinSteamboat.com
Brought to you by the Lake of Bays Marine Museum & Navigation Society.