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John at the Dorset Celebrations on July 5 /03

      John Murden is a professional artist working from his studio gallery nestled in the solitude of the Muskoka region of Central Ontario, Canada. With historic roots going back to the 1850's, Muskoka is now a Canadian premier resort and cottage playground located 2 hours north of Toronto. Muskoka is also famous for pristine lakes surrounded by magnificent white pine trees making it natural gallery for the eyes.

This award winning artist is well known for his beautiful watercolour paintings of Muskoka's grand ladies, the steamships that were once a common sight on the Muskoka lakes. The steamship was the only mode of transportation in the early days before roads were constructed in the area. Historical renditions of these classic ships and the resorts they served are brought to life by the artist's exciting use of colour and texture. This attention to detail is also incorporated when creating personal paintings of cottages, houses and boats.
"I love the water, the history and the beauty of Muskoka," says Murden. "These paintings of the steamships really capture the wonder of the region. It's a romantic place, and the steamships and the classic resorts are all part of that romance." A large number of John's limited editions embrace this theme.

Attention to detail and colour are also evident when creating personal paintings of cottages, houses and antique boats earning John a premier standing in this field.

At the other end of the spectrum, John's versatility is evident in other subject matter and techniques. His limited editions "Petals" and "Saturday Morning Coffee" as well as the "Ikea collection" are good examples.

John is pleased to be a part of the Bigwin Ferry Restoration project and proud to release a new limited edition print to help with this great cause.

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The Ferry at Dorset

a new limited edition of 200

Unframed, image size 12" x 18"
$95.00 $14.25 $109.25 $15.00
Framed, framed size 18" x 24"
$225.00 $33.75 $258.75 $20.00

Framed Photograph of the Bigwin Ferry, circa 1933

$90.00 $13.50 $103.50 $40.00
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Brought to you by the Lake of Bays Marine Museum & Navigation Society.