We're Hiring

We are hoping to hire a student who will initially help the ship builders complete the SS Bigwin restoration. This student will have some experience with hand tools, but more importantly will be willing to do any odd jobs assigned by Charlie Butler, the restoration's supervisor. Provided we launch the SS Bigwin this summer, the student will become the deck hand and shore tour guide. We will be doing excursions with the SS Bigwin and will allow the public to board the ship at shore where the student will give short talks on the history of the boat and simple explanations of the boiler and steam engine. This position is presently vacant; with students almost finished exams we hope this position can be filled quickly. Applicants should contact Les Dakens, 416 529 4149 or email dakens@sympatico.ca

Volunteer Positions

We are planning several events this summer. The Launching of the SS Bigwin, The Inaugural Cruise and 100 Birthday celebration of the SS Bigwin, as well as the annual Dorset Wooden Boat Parade. We are looking for a Chair for each event and volunteers to fill the Committees including staffing the events. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our steam boat and community to the public. We expect both local and national coverage of these events. The Inaugural Cruise will travel from Dorset to the steamer dock on Bigwin Island, where there will be a Birthday Party for the SS Bigwin at the Bigwin Golf Club. The attendees of the party will be the first to enjoy a short cruise on the SS Bigwin. If you are interested in helping with these events please contact Amy Hopkins at 416 703 8701 x226 or email amy@myriadinc.com
Follow the progress of the restoration here at: www.BigwinSteamboat.com
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